How important is Mineral Deficiency

How important is Mineral Deficiency?

How important is Mineral Deficiency and Your Health?

According to Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize Laureate “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency. In laymen’s terms, minerals (electrolytes) are like tiny light switches that turn on the various bodily functions. If you are lacking even one mineral in its proper isoform, the cells of your body will suffer some form of dis-ease or dys-function.

Since all diseases are accompanied by mineral deficiencies, supplying missing minerals may strengthen the body and help it to eliminate certain symptoms. However, supplying minerals in their proper isoform is important. Some isoforms of minerals are life-giving, while others shorten the natural lifespan by causing oxidative-stress to the body.

healthy red blood cellsFor example, carpenter nails are made of iron, but eating nails will not give you the isoform of iron that your body needs for creating healthy red blood cells.

This simple science is mathematically predicable and therefore, consuming all of the minerals in their proper isoforms could allow your body to heal itself.”


I know one thing for sure is how important it is when consuming minerals that they’d be in the proper isoforms. I once had a friend who worked for the city sewage, as part of her job from time to time she would have to put on her hip waders and as disgusting as it is, I guess somebody has to do it, go into the raw sewage to check out the pipes and in that type of thing. She told me a long time before I ever knew anything about vitamins and minerals that she didn’t waste her money on store bought vitamins and minera supplements because she could see how many of these supplements were actually either not broken down or only partially broken down, which means the people taking them were not getting the full effects. They were pretty much wasting their money.

dangerous to take supplements with mineralsIt is also dangerous to take supplements with minerals in them if you don’t know for a fact the minerals are in their proper isoforms to be absorbed. There are several mineral supplements on the market today believe it or not, that have ground rocks in them. Our bodies cannot break down and absorb minerals in that form. As a matter of fact in some cases these types of supplements can even cause harm by allowing this so-called mineral to build up and create a blockage within our bodies.

So the question remains how do we know if were taking supplements in their proper isoforms? They should tell you that their product is fully absorb-able. If they’re not telling you that your body can fully absorb what they’re giving you do not take it!

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