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By: Angel Brennan

Our mission is to educate people on how to achieve a healthy mind, body and environment.

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Journey into Wellness Mind Body and Soul with Angel's Heavenly Remedies

Our passion is helping people take back their health. Both mental and physical!

Most diseases can be prevented and in some cases even reversed when we give our bodies what they need. We have partnered with others who are experts in their fields to bring you a wide variety of all natural and chemical free products, services events.

Let Angel’s Heavenly Remedies help you navigate your path to Natural Mental Wellness and Health, as well as become your own Health Advocate.

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What I Offer for Good Health?

Coaching & Daily Doses of Inspiration

Group and Individual

Sports, Nutrition & Weight Loss

No matter where you are on your journey

Fun & Educational Events

Local and Online

Amazing Products

Award Winning Scientifically Proven Natural Products

Workshops and Interactive Classes

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What People Are Saying

I really feel that what she provided by way of counseling and products helped a lot to reduce my risk of heart/health related issues. Thank you Angel I’m a healthier me because of you
"Angel introduced me to a product that I tried...the supplement was absolutely helped with my mental and physical performance...It was like I had an extra boost in my energy for the day....the flavor was delicious as well...I want to say I would recommend the product to anyone... "
Shawna Bennett
"I can truly say that Angel Brennan has made a great impact in the way we view certain household products and toiletry items. It has improved our quality of life."
David Chaney
"Angel has always been very knowledgeable with any information on beauty and health products. I deeply appreciate her efforts in trying to educate many learners like me simply because she cares and wants to help in the best way possible."
Nireeksha Mulky
Tough & Tender All Purpose Cleaner is a great product to use on my kids toys and surface areas this product has no caustic harmful chemicals so it’s great to use around kids
Nick Mathis

The Cause of 200 Diseases

Did You Know That “You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.”

Since all diseases are accompanied by mineral deficiencies. Supplying missing minerals may strengthen the body and help it to eliminate certain symptoms. However, supplying minerals in their proper isoform is important. Some isoforms of minerals are life-giving, while others shorten the natural lifespan by causing oxidative-stress to the body.

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Organic Health Food

Eating the from the Rainbow

You’ve probably heard the phrase from the early physician, Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine.” But, did you know that “food is medicine” is not

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